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Latin Name: Valeriana officinalisPart of Plant Used: RootsSource: Eastern EuropeExtraction Method: Steam Distillation

Wholesale Valerian Essential Oil has sedative qualities, so it is said to help those who suffer from insomnia and headache. It can release tension, stress and reduce anxiety as well.

Just apply a few drops of Valerian Essential Oil to the bottoms of your feet, wrists or temples and massage a little. As for aroma diffusers, 3-5 drops are recommended to drop in before go to bed.

Valerian Essential Oil is well known for its sharp pungent odour, which is not the most pleasant one. Yet it has many beneficial qualities.

NB: Our Essential Oils are not suitable for internal use.

Valerian Essential Oil 10ml

SKU: EO-93
  • Origin PolandNet weight0,04Kg /PieceShipping weight0,04KgDimensions0x0 (cm)Barcode5056368308642

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