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Give yourself a boost with the power of white sage and fragrant flowers. Native Joy means "native joy" and that is exactly what you get with this smudge stick. White sage has strong cleansing properties: it helps clear your mind and can help clear spaces of negative energy. The floral splendour of this smudge stick makes it very suitable as a spiritual gift.

Joy Smudge Stick with White Sage, Carnation, Daisy, & Mitron Flowers.

Beautifully bundled and pleasing to the senses, we present the Joy Smudge Stick. This four inch bundle is perfect for cleansing your space and drawing in joy! White Sage is often used for purification rituals and for cleansing your space and self of negativity. These typical energies turn into joy amplifiers when matched with the healing powers of carnation and the light and optimism of daisies.

Carnations are associated with protection and healing. Daisies are associated with the summer solstice and friendship. Put them together with the banishing power of sage, and this bundle becomes a potent force for bringing light to any space.

Smudge Stick - Native Joy Sage 10cm

SKU: SmudgeS-42
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