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Sage revolves around the element of earth. Dragons Blood Smudge Sticks are a well-known and widely used product among indigenous people of Central America, also known as the Natives, especially within shamanism. It is part of the purification ceremonies where these spicy plants are smoldered and their holy smoke is released. It stimulates the gain of visions and expels negative energy as well as bad entities. Scientific research has even shown that 94% of the bacteria in the room have been broken down after burning this herb.So dragons bloods sage is a purification method that also changes your state of consciousness.

Dragons Blood is distinguished from White Sage by the smell that is released when you burn it. Sage has a sharp, very pungent smell, to be described as spicy. Not everyone experiences this smell as pleasant. It is therefore more functional than a pleasant home fragrance. Also useful: sage is used as a natural defense against insects such as moths and mosquitoes. The Dragons Blood gives a somewhat sweetish smell to this spicy sage.


Dragons Blood Sage to smudge

When the leaves are dry, they can be burned. This involves tied Dragons Blood Sage. In this way it is easy to ignite. As soon as the top of the beam is lit you can wave it with a feather and spread the sacred smoke over objects, people and in all corners of a room. The Dragons Blood sage is bound together by a 100% cotton cord. It strengthens self-confidence and stimulates perseverance.

Smudge Stick - Dragons Blood Sage 22.5 cm

SKU: SmudgeS-08
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