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Cedar leaves are similar in function and shape to White Sage, but in smell similar to Palo Santo. You can bundle and smudge Cedar leaves, as well as White Sage. The effect is not as intense as White Sage, but is experienced as healing. She is, as the name already reveals, made of dried Cedar leaves of the cedar tree. You can then speak of purifying sticks.

Within the Egyptian, Indian and Native - American cultures Cedar was always used to enter into conversation with the creator. She works to promote insight. Unlike white sage, Cedar smells a bit sweeter and increases the spiritual atmosphere. It calms and stimulates the self-healing ability.


Benefits of Cedar Sticks

A good alternative for whom white sage doesn’t find a pleasant smell

Clean your home with these pre-tied bundles

Easy to use in combination with smudge bowls

Smudge Stick - Cedar Mini Loose - 11 cm

SKU: SmudgeS-05
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