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These Pure Olive Wax Candles are made from natural olive wax, grown in Europe (Italy).

The olives which are not used for the food industry are used for industrial purposes. The wax for our candles is made from the pulp that is left after the oil extraction by special processes. 

They burn cleanly, emitting little to no smoke or soot, and have a longer burn time than traditional wax candles. Olive wax candles also have a mild, natural scent and are considered eco-friendly and sustainable as they are made from a renewable source. They are hand-poured, made in Germany and 100% Vegan.

Burning time per candle is 25h-30h. To create a matching look buy with Pure Natural Wax Dinner Candle

Pure Olive Wax Candle 90x60 Grey

SKU: OliveC-02
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