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The incense of Satya are entirely hand rolled with natural herbs and floral extracts. The incense are vailable in different kind of fragrances.


15 gram each packet and 12 packets in one box.


Golden Nag Champa Incense and cones. This brand is the posh version on the popular Sai Baba Blue Nag Champa and increasingly popular.

These incense sticks are hand rolled in India using pure extracts and the finest scented oils. Let this aroma fill your home or shop and create a wonderful atmosphere. The finest spices, herbs, floral extracts, exotic oils and other natural ingredients are carefully selected and skillfully blended for their positive influence.

Imported directly from the factory in Bangalore, India - giving you the keenest prices on this incense range.Contains 15g of incense (approx 15 sticks) A pack contains 12 boxes, Recyclable packaging, Free from Toxic substances.

Golden Nag - Chandan Incense

SKU: GoldNCi-02
  • Origin  India
    Net weight 0,015Kg /Pack
    Shipping weight 0,18Kg
    Barcode 8906022930061
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