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Backflow Incense Burner is specially designed to create smoke that cascades downwards, pouring dramatically down the tower with a stunning effect that will catch your customer's eye.

Once you have lit your incense cone, it will begin to smoke, the incense is heavier than air and it will fall dramatically in swirls and twists, through the hole and down over the item, to pool at the bottom. It is incredible to watch and very relaxing.

Experience the beauty of nature with the Pentigan Falls Backflow Incense Burner. This burner depicts a cascading waterfall, framed by five pentagonal pillars. As the incense cone smolders, the smoke gently descends in a mesmerizing waterfall effect, creating a tranquil and grounding atmosphere.

Please note: In order to create the smoke cascade effect you will need to use backflow incense cones.

Backflow Incense Burner - Pentigan Falls

SKU: BackF-58
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