Aztec Pyramid Back Flow Incense Burner
A thoughtfully designed Back Flow incense burner in a bronze Aztec Pyramid design. When the cone is lit the smoke from the cone cascades downwards and over the steps Watch its mesmerising waterfall effect. Beautiful to watch.
**** Please Read****
Because this is a new burner, When you first burn your incense cones on this ceramic burner it may cause a strong smell. This is nothing to worry about it is just the impurities from the burners making process being burnt off. Once a few cones have been burnt on the burner it will go.
Back flow Incense Burners can damage varnished surfaces, Plastic and other Flammable surfaces. Always place your burner on a mat or fire resistant surface . To be used indoor and with no drafts for best effects.

Aztec Pyramid Backflow Burner