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Breedte: 10 cm

Lengte: 12 cm

3-Legged Wooden Cobra Stand + Abalone shell middle

The stand is approximately 12cm long and is perfect for burning your abalone shell with white sage smudges or clusters.

The Abalone shell is a natural product, this means that one shell is slightly larger than the other. There are small natural holes, which provide excellent ventilation. The Abalone shells are about 12 cm in size.

The shell is colored fur with a beautiful pearly shine. The shell does thousands of years to a beautiful pearl shell be.

White sage is usually burned in an abalone shell. The symbolism is that it unites the 4 elements: the shell represents water element, the sage represents earth element, the element is part smoldering fire, and the smoke is the element air.

Abalone Shell Small 12cm

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