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Breedte: 4 cm

Lengte: 12 cm

Yerba Santa & Statice sinuata & Verbascum Smudge 12cm (3 x 30-40 grams)

yerba santa

Yerba Santa is Spanish for sacred herb, the name the missionaries gave it because they were amazed by its healing power.

This 100% natural smolder not only provides a positively working scent, but is also ideal for protecting and purifying both yourself and your immediate environment. Traditionally it has been used as a type of incense to ward off negative energies and as part of healing ceremonies.

Yerba Santa is considered sacred by both Native Americans and Spanish culture.

Statice sinuata

Statice sinuata, commonly known as sea lavender. It is a Mediterranean plant species in the Plumbaginaceae family known for its papery flowers that can be used in dried arrangements. The flowers are present in short, papery racemes in colors ranging from white to pink, purple and yellow.


Mullein (Verbascum) is a genus in the figwort family ( Scrophulariaceae ).

The genus has about 250 species, which occur naturally in Europe and Asia. The genus is particularly represented in the Mediterranean region. The flowers of the plant were used to promote coughing for respiratory problems.

The smudge sticks are packed per 3 pieces. Price is for 3 pieces

3x Yerba Santa & Statice Sinuata & Verbascum Smudge Sticks

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