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Breedte: 4 cm

Lengte: 12 cm

Blue Sage & Statice sinuata & Sorghum Smudge 12cm (3 x 40-50 grams)

Blue Sage

Blue Sage, also known as "Grandmother Sage", is a purifying herb with broad medicinal and magical uses. Blue Sage is widely used for cleansing and purification purposes, it gives spiritual power and sometimes it is also used during exorcism rituals and also to remove the evil spirits.

Statice sinuata

Statice sinuata, commonly known as sea lavender. It is a Mediterranean plant species in the Plumbaginaceae family known for its papery flowers that can be used in dried arrangements. The flowers are present in short, papery racemes in colors ranging from white to pink, purple and yellow.


Sorgo ( Sorghum ) is a genus in the grass family ( Poaceae ).

The smudge sticks are packed per 3 pieces. Price is for 3 pieces.

3x Blue Sage & Statice Sinuata & Sorghum Smudge Sticks (40-50gms)

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