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Latin Name: Melaleuca CajuputiPart of Plant Used: Leaves & TwigsSource: IndonesiaExtraction Method: Steam Distillation

Wholesale Cajeput Essential Oil is used to treat cold, headaches and toothache. It is very efficient in fighting infections from bacteria, virus and fungi, such as tetanus (bacteria), influenza (virus) and infectious diseases like cholera and typhoid.

Cajeput Essential Oil is very efficient in killing and driving away insects. Its insecticidal properties are so strong that its diluted solution can be sprayed or vaporized with the help of a vaporizer to drive away mosquitoes, ants and many other types of pests from the rooms. A diluted solution of Cajeput Essential Oil can also be rubbed on the body to keep insects away.

Just like Eucalyptus Oil, Cajeput Oil is also an expert decongestant and expectorant. Being a decongestant, it gives immediate relief in congestion of the nose, throat and other respiratory organs as well as for cough, infections and resultant inflammation of the throat.

It is analgesic in nature, meaning that it reduces feelings of pain. When applied locally, such as on an infected tooth in case of a toothache or rubbed on the forehead in case of a headache. Apply only in highly diluted solutions.

NB: Our Essential Oils are not suitable for internal use.

10 ml Cajeput Essential Oil

SKU: EO-56
  • Origin  Indonesia
    Net weight 0,04Kg /piece
    Shipping weight 0,04Kg
    Dimensions 0x0 (cm)
    Materials / Ingredients Melaleuca Cajuputi
    Barcode 5055796528936
    MSDS  Cajaput Essential Oil MSDS
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